“Wine is the earth’s song to the sky”

Luigi Veronelli

“Cultivating the land is not a profession, it’s a natural state of being”

Our company is located in the verdant hills of the Veneto preserving the values ​​and traditions of our founders, Celio and Luigi, who cultivated the noble passion for the art of wine making in the 1900s.
The vineyards are the beating heart of our wine production and around them revolves the work of the farmers, the local culture, the traditions and the metaphor of the convivial feast, the cycle of the seasons and the history of our families.
That’s why we set such great store by this land caressed by the sun and the wind, from which come the grapes that we harvest when they reach perfect ripeness.
That’s when the intense, hectic work commences: the Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG wine production made with traditional knowledge and techniques. Respect for our raw materials and the timing of technical processes lead to production of an elegant and delicate wine.



Located on the western side of “Rive di Caerano,” a natural extension of the Montello hill, and at the foot of the 100 year-old Piniera, the symbol of the town, the “Rive” vineyard has a mineral-rich soil that gives the end product its pronounced taste. Towards the south, vines of the Glera (Prosecco) type are planted with the double inverted or capuccina method, while in the north Pinot Grigio grapes are grown with the Sylvoz method.


From the Salute vineyard you get a spectacular view of the Feltrine Pre-Alps, the Monte Grappa range and the magnificent Asolo hills. The only one of our vineyards to be planted with Pinot Nero vines using the Sylvoz method, in medium-textured soil, with good exposure and ventilation.


Situated close to the Rive vineyard, the Pra’ de Roda vineyard is characterised by its soil rich in marl and clay, planted with Glera vines trained using the Sylvoz method. It is located in a sunny position and enjoys good ventilation.


The Piave vineyard features a medium-textured marl-clay soil in a sunny position, adjacent to the Brentella canal, an irrigation channel that comes from the Piave river. Here we cultivate Pinot Grigio grapes using the Sylvoz method.


The Glera grapes for our Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG ripen on the gentle slopes of the Rive de Caerano, in the locality of Vallon, protected by the oaks and chestnut trees that surround the vineyards and create the ideal microclimate conditions for viticulture. Excellent sun exposure and ventilation.


In the vicinity of the monumental Villa Barbaro in Maser, the Palladio vineyard is located at the heart of the Asolo hills. The pebbly limestone soil produces the perfect accumulation of minerals that gives Superiore quality wines their distinctive aromas.


Located not far from the Monte Grappa mountain, the soil and climate of the Carpenè vineyard is subject to wide temperature variations, the optimum conditions for cultivating grapes for production of sparkling Prosecco wines. The Glera vines (prosecco) are grown using the Guyot or double inverted method.


Just a few hundred metres from the Carpenè Nord vineyard at the foot of Monfenera, the smaller of the Monte Grappa peaks on the right bank of the river Piave, the Carpenè Sud vineyard features a rich, pebbly marl and clay soil in a sunny location with good ventilation for our Glera grapes.


In the Ca’ Fasan vineyard we cultivate Pinot Grigio grapes using the Sylvoz method. The particularly sunny position gives the grapes a high sugar content, making them ideal for both single-variety wines and for blending with other grapes to produce sparkling wines.